Willow Brook Site Plan

This Willow Brook site plan is an exceptional tool to use to determine where a unit is located within the building and the subdivision. Most of the time photos are included on listings to help you determine the view a particular offering might have. Occasionally, agents hide the view so you’ll come to see the property and buy it even if it doesn’t offer a very nice view. During peak market conditions, views become more important likely because Willow Brook prospective buyers have a little more money to spend and are willing to spend it to get a great view. In unfavorable market conditions, buyers are a little more sensitive to frivolous spending and are more interested in purchasing the lowest-priced property. Those will be found on units facing the driveways and parking areas.

Another reason to use this site plan resource is to help you determine how close your neighbors might be located. For example, the #1201 and #1205 units may feel like they’re looking into their neighbor’s unit at #1103 and #1107. For prospective buyers who demand privacy, those units may not be the best option.

Proximity to the pool is another factor some prospective buyers consider. Those who don’t want to walk a great distance or who like a quieter experience on their lanai may gravitate towards or away from the pool area for those reasons. By the way, if you are a walker, there is a beautiful lake right across the street from Willow Brook with a walking path.

For those of you who are geared more toward accomplishing a light and bright unit, consider your primary exposure. Units that face South and West are the two most preferred primary exposures for you.

Buildings offering golf course views are building #14 and #15 or pictured here on the far left side of the plan.

For more information on Willow Brook or to see Willow Brook condos for sale, contact Shannon today!

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