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While renovations after purchase are customary, Biltmore has not traditionally been a building where many residents have felt the need to add or remove walls from their original floor plan design. The most notable design change has been to remove the wall between the breakfast room and the living room. This building was completed during a time when built-in cabinetry was a craze. A majority of the units here typically sell with few recent improvements leaving heavy lifting remodeling and redesign in the hands of new buyers.

During favorable market conditions, finding quality contractors for high-rise remodeling can be challenging. You will want to allow plenty of time for planning and review as you will need to submit applications for permitting and building approval. This will also give you time to locate acceptable contractors to complete your job on time. The best high-rise remodeling contractor schedules can and do fill up which can lead to lengthy wait times to begin construction.

It is wise to purchase in the Fall months before the season to allow plenty of time to orchestrate your build and design team. Shannon can provide a list of contractors who have already performed work in Biltmore and are familiar with the intricacies of the building. Many of these contractors already have good relationships with building managers and can make your renovation process easier by alieving you of unnecessary delays and unforeseeable issues.

There is a construction timeline here when residents are permitted to accomplish noisy construction during off-season months. This rule is in place to preserve the peace Biltmore owners expect during the high season months. Convenience permits to handle necessary construction like the replacement of an air conditioner during the season is allowed after permissions have been granted. Please consult a current set of rules and restrictions regarding construction timelines.

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