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The residents in Brighton at Bay Colony have been a little more active in changing their original floor plans than residents in other buildings in Bay Colony. Here is a brief synopsis of changes I’ve seen in various units.

’01 Floor Plan: The wall between the breakfast room and living room was removed to capture more Gulf views and light into the unit. It also gives the ability for a larger dining table. The bar is sometimes extending in the living area. Removal of the bar in the living area where a library and desk space was incorporated. Removal of the center island tub in the master suite to create more bathroom space.

’02 Floor Plan: Half of the wall between the kitchen and living is removed. There are two support areas that may not be able to be removed. The door between the living area and the master bedroom has been reconfigured. The wall between the hall and the formal living room has been removed. The kitchen has been reconfigured to add a long island in the kitchen and the dishwasher and sink were removed from their location in the floor plan to enhance traffic flow from the living room to the kitchen. A wall has been added where the den is located to add a third bedroom and door punched into a full bath for ensuite convenience.

’03 Floor Plan: The entire wall can be removed between the kitchen and the living room but the circular-looking support showing on the bottom side of the kitchen must remain. Den has been reconfigured to add a formal dining area. The weird space in the living area has been incorporated into the master bathroom for additional closet space. The master shower and tub have switched positions to incorporate a larger shower in the master. A door has been added between the sitting area by the master bedroom to incorporate that space as master bedroom use and enhanced privacy.

’04 Floor Plan: Kitchen has been opened up to the living room. The wall between the master bedroom and bathroom has been opened up with different bathtub reconfiguration and sink incorporated on the same wall next to the first sink. The third bedroom next to the kitchen can be opened up for a second living area off the kitchen.

NOTE: Three-bedroom units tend to sell better than two-bedroom or two-bedroom plus den units during off-peak market periods. It is not advisable to take bedrooms away from floor plans. Transitioning from a closed to an open kitchen is a costly renovation that became popular as early as 2013. The popularity of this trend could change over time.

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