Floor Plans In Mansion La Palma

Mansion La Palma Floor Plan 2
The ’01 Stack in Mansion La Palma

Coined the most desirable stack in the building due to its southern position located off the tennis courts compared to the other stacks, which welcomes more natural light compared to the two interior stacks and the north-facing end unit.

Mansion La Palma Floor Plan 3
The ’02 Stack in Mansion La Palma

The two interior stacks are mirror images of each other. This stack has slightly less noise and activity from the tennis courts compared to the third and fourth stacks in Mansion La Palma.

Mansion La Palma Floor Plan 3
Mansion La Palma Stack 3 Floor Plan

Stack three offers a front-row seat to all Bay Colony tennis matches.

Mansion La Palma 04 floor plan
Stack ’04 in Mansion La Palma

The ’04 stack is the end unit on the north side of the building offering Vanderbilt Beach and beyond, depending on which floor the condo is located.

Mansion La Palma Penthouse North
The North Penthouse floor plan in Mansion La Palma

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Mansion La Palma floor plans

Floor plans are shown here and include room sizes for most rooms. Over time, you can expect some residents to have changed their floor plan by adding or removing walls and making other adjustments to their condos to make their properties more current. For example, opening kitchens and adjusting the original bathrooms are popular improvements some condo owners will make.

Do not rely upon these plans before you purchase from afar. You can always call Shannon for floor plan detail verification.

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